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Royal Ruby Glass by Anchor Hocking
The items pictured in this article are shown to provide information, and most are not currently available for sale.
Royal Ruby glassware for sale is listed on the Fire King page.

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Anchor Hocking's Manhattan pattern relishinserts in Royal Ruby.

Apothecary Jar
Royal Ruby Apothecary Jar with clear glass foot and lid.
   The Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation is famous among collectors for depression glass and Fire-King heat-proof glass. Royal Ruby is a name patented by Anchor Hocking for their deep red transparent glass. In 1937, the Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap Corporation merged,creating the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation. Production of Royal Ruby glass began in 1938. According to Anchor Hocking's Fire-King and More Identification and Value Guide by Gene Florence (see below) production dates are 1938-1967 and 1973-1977.

Rachael Bowl An oval bowl inAnchor Hocking's Rachael Shape.
Snack SetServa~Snack Set consisting of four clearglass trays and four Royal Ruby cups.
   Most Royal Ruby glass is not marked or signed. The glass usually came from the factory with a sticker identifying the Royal Ruby color. When items are marked, the mark is an anchor with the letter H over the middle. The Hazel Atlas mark consisting of a large H with a smaller A inside is frequently mistaken for Anchor Hocking. Hazel Atlas also made a significant amount of attractive glassware. Although the two companies are frequently confused, Hazel Atlas was not connected to Anchor Hocking.

    The Royal Ruby color was used in several of Anchor Hocking's patterns and shapes. Anchor Hocking'sR-1700 line was one of the earliest shapes used in Royal Ruby. It is a round shape featuring a footed creamer and sugar.
Bubble Bubble Cup

Sherbet Flat
R-4000 Plate R-4000 line plate
The R-4000 line was made later, in the mid-1950's. The R-4000 line features a flat creamer andsugar. The R-4000 plate is flat with a curved up rim. R-4000 is the same shape that was used for fire-king Turquoise Blue dinnerware.

   Royal Ruby was also used in the Bubble (1962-1964), Classic (vertical ribbed partyware), Coronation, Manhattan, Oyster & Pearl, Old Cafe, Queen Mary, and Sandwich patterns. The Charm Dinnerware shape was made in the 1950's, and all of it's pieces are square or rectangular. Charm dinnerware was also made in Azurite, Forest Green, Ivory, and Jadite.

Oyster and Pearl Pattern Ruby
Oyster & Pearl pattern handled bowl.

Charm Shape Ruby Charm shape plate, bowl, cup, and saucer, with Roly Poly tumblers.

Small Vase This small vase measures 3-1/4" tall.

4-inch Vase This little vase looks like a taller version of the vase above. It measures 4" tall.

Wilson Vase This ball-shaped Ivy vase is known as the Wilson Vase.

   Anchor Hocking made many novelty items using Royal Ruby, sometimes combining it with crystal. There are apothecary jars, cigarette boxes and powder boxes combining ruby and crystal glass. There are at least thirteen different shapes of vases ranging from 3-1/4 inches to 9 inches tall.
Footed VaseA tumbler attached to a silvertone metal base makes a vase or candleholder. This was likely done by a decorating company that purchased the tumbler from Anchor Hocking and re-sold itas a specialty item.

   Anchor Hocking made Royal Ruby beer bottles for Schlitz Brewery for a limited time. These beer bottles are trademarked with either the Anchor H or a script Royal Ruby. Even if you don't like beer, one of these royal ruby bottles is hard to resist. They look great holding dried flowers and what a conversation piece!
Footed Ashtray Small footed ashtray
Square Ashtray Square Ashtray
Ruby Leaf Leaf Novelty Spoon Rest

   There are many different pitchers, vases, bowls, and ashtrays to choose from. All of this variety makes Royal Ruby collecting a very versatile hobby. A collector can accumulate a dinner set or just serving pieces. A few Royal Ruby pieces make a nice accent to a crystal collection. And, of course, Royal Ruby is frequently displayed with Forest Green glass for a festive look during the holiday season.
Windsor Shape Windsor shape in Royal Ruby, Forest Green, and Clear glass.Holiday Display A Holiday Display.

Happy Collecting!!

Royal Ruby and other Fire-King glassware for sale may be found on the Fire King page.

Recommended Reading
These informative books were used as sources for parts of this article.
If you would like to purchase a Fire-King reference book, please contact us.
Book Fire King pattern names and dates of production on this site are from "A Collector's Guide to Anchor Hocking's Fire King Glassware, 2nd Edition" by Garry & Dale Kilgo and Jerry and Gail Wilkins © 1997. Published by K & W Collectibles. I highly recommend this book for the Fire King collector!
Book Anchor Hocking's Fire-King and More Second Edition Identificationand Value Guide by Gene Florence. This is the second Fire-King book by Gene Florence. It is an 8-1/2" X 11", 224 page hardback book, © 2000.

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The Anchor Hocking Glass Museum website is at www.anchorhockingmuseum.com.The museum and it's website belong to author Philip Hopper, whose books can be purchased at the museum's website.

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