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Costume Jewelry and Perfume Bottles
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Costume Jewelry and Perfume Bottles  are both great collectibles. Vintage costume jewelry by manufacturers like Coro, Renoir, Schiaparelli, Trifari, and others is fun to search for and more fun to wear! Brooches (pins), earrings, rings, and other costume jewelry can be collected by category or maker. Or collectors may look specifically for goldtone, silvertone, or sparkling rhinestones. Perfume bottles and rhinestones look nice displayed together on dresser trays. Many vintage perfume bottles are lovely. Contemporary perfume bottles can also be beautiful and collectible - plus you get to wear the perfume if you want to!

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Examples of Collectible Costume Jewelry
jewelry Avon Tree Pin  Avon has made some very collectible jewelry. This Christmas Tree pin from 2006 has lots of glittering rhinestones in cheerful colors.
jewelry Barrera for Avon Earrings  Avon has also made jewelry by designers like Barrera. These clip-on earrings are fun.
jewelry KJL for Avon Necklace  This KJL for Avon necklace was created by Kenneth Jay Lane, a popular designer.
jewelry Coro  Pink rhinestone pin and earrings set by Coro.
jewelry Lia  Silvertone and rhinestone Christmas tree pin by Lia.
jewelry Ora  Silvertone and rhinestone screwback earrings by Ora.
jewelry Renoir  Vintage copper clip-on earrings.
jewelry Renoir  Vintage copper flower pin.
jewelry Renoir  Vintage copper masks pin.
jewelry Renoir  Vintage copper masks earrings and bracelet.
jewelry Schiaparelli  Vintage rhinestone signed clip-on earrings and pineapple pin.
jewelry Swarovski  Rhinestone and enamel dolphin necklace. Swarovski costume jewelry is contemporary, but still very collectible.
jewelry Swarovski  Rhinestone leaf shaped dangle earrings.

Examples of Collectible Perfume Items
perfume pin Avon Perfume Pin  This pin holds a solid perfume. It can be part of a jewelry collection or a perfume collection.
perfume ring Avon Perfume Ring  The top of this ring has hinges. It opens to reveal the solid perfume inside.
perfume bottle Blue Waltz Perfume  This Blue Waltz bottle is empty of perfume but has the original packaging.
perfume bottle Cabochard Perfume  Cabochard perfume in the original box.
perfume bottle Mary Chess Perfume  Twin set with the original packaging.

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