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If you have a value or research question  about an item you own, please  visit our research page.

If you would like to exchange website links,  please visit our  link guidelines page.

We are not buying or selling antiques and collectibles right now. Please feel free to visit the pages on our website for information about collectibles. (Links are near the bottom of this page.) Some pages will have more information than others; more will be added as time allows.

We will be happy to exchange links with antiques and collectibles websites.
If your website sells new jewelry, reproduction furniture, or items with a "vintage look" we will add your sponsored link after you pay a small fee.

All sponsored links will be considered upon request. Please email us.

Email Information:  When to expect a reply: We do our best to answer all emails within 24 hours of receiving them. However, we travel frequently and do not always have access to email. If we are traveling, it may take a few days to reply.

Once in a while an email will get lost in cyberspace or will bounce back with an error message when it shouldn't. If you sent email and didn't receive a reply within a few days, your email may not have arrived. Please try again! 

Some email providers bounce a lot of emails, thinking they are unsolicited or spam. A Shop 4 Antiques does not send spam emails. (And we wish we didn't get them, too!) If you have contacted us about an item listed on this website and don't receive a reply, please contact your email provider and request that our emails be allowed through their system.

If you use AOL:  you may need to make some changes to receive our email. Many of the emails we send to AOL users never arrive. (We don't use AOL, but we assume that if you tell AOL customer support that you want to receive emails from shop4antiques.com, AOL customer support would know what email settings to change.)

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is always respected here! A Shop 4 Antiques does not make it's sales histories or customer lists available to any other organizations or persons. No information you share with  A Shop 4 Antiques will be given to anyone without your prior permission. A request from you is always required before A Shop 4 Antiques will release your email address to another person. Because we only accept personal checks, money orders, and paypal payments,  A Shop 4 Antiques will never have access to your credit card number.

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