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Researching Your Collectibles

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We often receive e-mails requesting valuations and/or information about collectibles. Because our time is quite limited, we regret that we cannot answer each email individually. The links below on this page may be helpful.

Since researching items can be a rewarding and entertaining pastime, we encourage you to spend time at your local library or bookstore learning about your items. Owning as many books as possible that pertain to your collection is always recommended. Reading and re-reading them can be very enjoyable as well as educational.

We do not give values or approximate values by email, as we believe that appraisals are most accurate when the appraiser can touch and handle the item.

(Due to the danger of viruses, email attachments are automatically deleted. So we cannot view photos that are attached to email.)

If you are in need of a professional appraisal, we recommend that you visit an appraiser in your area who can examine your item in person. Most telephone books list certified appraisers. General information on the appraisal process can be found at The American Society of Appraisers website.

Other Links:
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Our opinions may differ from their opinions on some issues.)

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We hope this page helps a bit. Good luck in your collecting journey!

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