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Fire King
Early American Prescut Pattern
Identification Information

(clear glass unless otherwise noted)
Made by Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation 1960 - 1978
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Early American Prescut, commonly called EAPC, is an attractive pattern that features a starburst design with a "Star-of-David" type star. All EAPC pieces have the "Star-of-David" in the design except the punch cup and lazy susan inserts. A sister pattern, also by Anchor Hocking, is usually called Prescut or Oatmeal Glass by collectors and has the same starburst pattern but lacks the "Star-of-David." Many pieces were made in this pattern, and they aren't all shown here. This page shows a few common and not-so-common items so collectors will know what to look for.  (This website is not affiliated with the Anchor Hocking company, and does not represent the Anchor Hocking Company in any way.)

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Examples of EAPC By Anchor Hocking
jpg image EAPC 3-3/4" Coaster  This coaster is almost 3-3/4" across. It has a slightly upturned, scalloped edge. The bottom of the coaster has four tiny "crossbars" to hold a tumbler up from the glass surface. It is not uncommon in clear glass, but collectors usually want several. The brown glass coaster shown below is the only one I have ever seen.

jpg image
jpg image EAPC 3-3/4" Coasters in Box  This box holds six 3-3/4" eapc coasters. One coaster has it's original Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut sticker. The bottom of the box says "Another Fine Anchor Hocking Product, Lancaster, Ohio U.S.A." and the item number 700/702-1/12-C3. (In the photo, the box of coasters is sitting on the patterned lid.)
jpg image EAPC Coaster Soap Set in box  This cute boxed set includes six 1-3/8" round rose-shaped soaps and one EAPC coaster. The bottom of the coaster has four tiny "crossbars" to hold a tumbler (or soap) up from the glass surface. The cardboard box is decorated with swirled shades of pink and teal. The design appears to be circa 1960s-1970s. The transparent plastic lid says "Guest Soap Set by Delagar." A fun example of creative marketing.
jpg image EAPC Small, Smooth Rim Bowl  This cute little bowl measures almost 4-1/4" across and about 1-1/2" tall. It is smaller than the scalloped bowl shown below. It is somewhat difficult to find.
jpg image EAPC Small Scalloped Bowl  This small bowl measures 5-1/2" across and 2-1/4" tall. (That's a penny in the photo for scale.) This scalloped-edge bowl can be used by itself, as part of the chip and dip, or as the center to the lazy susan.
jpg image EAPC 8-5/8" Round Serving Bowl  This medium sized round bowl is 8-5/8" across and 3-1/4" tall. This size is a little bit more difficult to find than the large (10-3/4") serving bowl.
jpg image EAPC Chip and Dip in Box  The Chip and Dip set consists of one small 5-1/2" bowl, one 10-3/4" bowl, and one goldtone metal holder. This set came in a red, white, and blue box. The goldtone metal holder may sometimes have small spots of discoloration.
jpg image EAPC Paneled Serving Bowl  This large round bowl measures 11-3/4" across at the widest point and is just over 3-1/4" tall. The bowl has eight curved panels. It can be difficult to find.
jpg image EAPC Oval Serving Bowl  This oval bowl measures 5-3/4" X just under 9" across the top, and 1-7/8" tall. It is not rare, but is such a handy size that most collectors want more than one.
jpg image EAPC Footed Oval Serving Bowl  Metal was added to some EAPC items. In this example, the oval serving bowl has a metal foot.
jpg image
jpg image
EAPC Round Amber or Blue Bowl  This pretty bowl is round, with a smooth rim. It is made of transparent, light blue glass or transparent amber glass. The color is in the glass itself - it is not flashed on. The bowl measures 7-1/4" across and about 2" tall. These colored bowls can be difficult to find.
jpg image EAPC Amber 3-Footed Bowl  This bowl has a scalloped edge and three tiny tab feet. It is made of transparent, amber glass. The color is in the glass itself - it is not flashed on. This shape is relatively common in clear glass and somewhat hard to find in amber. The bowl measures 6-3/4" across and about 2-5/8" tall.
jpg image EAPC Blue Sugar with Lid  Colored EAPC glass is more difficult to find than clear. This sugar bowl is made of transparent, light blue glass. The glass itself is colored. The sugar can also be found in amber and green glass, shown below. It measures about 5-3/8" tall to the top of the knob. Some sugar bowls have "flashed on" color - when the coloring was sprayed onto clear glass. Those are not as desirable, and are not shown here.

jpg image        jpg image
jpg image EAPC Jam 'n Jelly  The EAPC Jam 'n Jelly dish was made using an EAPC sugar bowl bottom with a silverplate or chrome lid, underplate, and spoon. This item is not a marriage; it was marketed this way by some companies. The photo on the left shows an amber jam dish with a clear glass sugar and lid. The photos below show jam dishes with original boxes.

jpg image        jpg image
jpg image EAPC Syrup Server with Cream Colored Plastic Lid  This syrup server is approximately 5-1/2" tall. It has a cream colored plastic lid with a handle that is almost vertical.

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