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Elegant Glass

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Elegant Glass  is the high quality glassware that was made by depression era and newer manufacturers such as Cambridge, Duncan & Miller, Fostoria (including the popular American pattern), Imperial and others. Glass on this page is listed by manufacturer. For example, the Candlewick pattern is listed with Imperial Glass.

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Examples of Elegant Glass
jpg image Cambridge Cascade Cups and Saucer  This group of Cambridge glassware includes three crystal cups and one crystal saucer. Each cup measures 2-1/2" tall and 3-1/4" across the top. Each cup has a small foot. The saucer measures 5-3/4" across the top. The saucer has a slightly upturned edge, and has an indented cup ring in the center.
. More Cambridge Glass 
Caprice Relish
Caprice Relish
Caprice Saucers
Caprice Saucers
Caprice Cruet Tray
Caprice Cruet & Tray
Candlelight Salad
Candlelight Salad Plate
Duncan & Miller Canterbury Duncan & Miller Canterbury Crystal Cup and Saucer  This cup and saucer set is made of shiny, crystal clear glass. The cup is 2-5/8" tall. The saucer is 5-7/8" across with a shallow indent in the middle for the cup.
Duncan & Miller Canterbury Duncan & Miller Canterbury Crystal Sherbet  This crystal sherbet is 4-1/8" tall, and are 3-3/4" across the top.  Click on this link to see a Duncan Canterbury sherbet in chartreuse.
. More Duncan & Miller Canterbury  (Also see Tiffin Twilight, below.)
Duncan & Miller Canterbury Murano        Duncan & Miller Canterbury        Duncan & Miller Canterbury        Duncan & Miller Canterbury        Duncan & Miller Canterbury       
Fostoria Coronet Candleholder Fostoria Coronet Candleholder  Made of shiny, crystal clear glass, this candleholder measures about 4-1/2" tall and holds one taper candle.
. Some Fostoria Glass Patterns  (Fostoria made many patterns; only some are shown here.)
Fostoria American
American Shape
Fostoria Century
Century Shape
Fostoria Chintz
Chintz Etching
Fostoria Colony
Colony Shape
Fostoria Coronet
Coronet Shape
Fostoria Corsage
Corsage Etching
Fostoria Jamestown
Jamestown Shape
Fostoria June
June Etching
Fostoria Lido
Lido Etching
Fostoria Pine
Pine Etching
Fostoria Shirley
Shirley Etching
Fostoria Thistle
Thistle Etching
Imperial Candlewick Cup Imperial Candlewick Cup  This Imperial Glass Candlewick cup is just over 2" tall and about 3-5/8" across, not including the handle in the measurement. The glass is faintly lavender in color, so it has been exposed to some sunlight.
. More Imperial Candlewick 
Candlewick        Candlewick        Candlewick        Candlewick       
Imperial Cape Cod Imperial Cape Cod  Click on any Cape Cod photo to go to the Cape Cod page!
Imperial Cape Cod        Cape Cod Sherbet        Imperial Cape Cod
Blue Imperial Rose Vase Imperial Rose Vase, Blue Glass  This lovely vase is made of blue milk glass. It has three-dimensional roses all over it. The vase measures about 6-1/8" tall and is about 6" across at the widest point. It is marked IG on the bottom.
Paden City Largo Paden City Largo Crystal Divided Tray with Etching  This beautiful, clear glass tray has the Largo pattern molded into the oval center section and on both handles. The four outer sections do not have a molded design, but there is a laurel leaf cutting in each of those four sections. The bottom edge of the tray is polished. This is a heavy piece.
Twilight Ashtray Tiffin Twilight / Duncan Dawn 
These items are Duncan Miller's Canterbury shape in the Dawn or Twilight color. This Alexandrite glass is a beautiful lavender color in daylight or under incandescent light and turns to icy blue under fluorescent light. The Canterbury shape was designed at Duncan Miller, and continued to be made when Tiffin acquired the Duncan molds and trademark in the 1950's. These were most likely made at Tiffin.

Tiffin Twilight / Duncan Dawn        Tiffin Twilight / Duncan Dawn        Tiffin Twilight / Duncan Dawn        Tiffin Twilight / Duncan Dawn        Tiffin Twilight / Duncan Dawn       

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