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Depression Glass

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Depression Glass  is the lovely glassware mass-produced primarily during the years of the Great Depression. It was often used as a premium - an incentive to buy a particular brand of flour, for example. Some movie theaters gave away this inexpensive glassware to encourage customers to visit the theater frequently. Depression Glass was manufactured by many different companies; Hazel Atlas, Hocking, Federal Glass, Indiana Glass, and Jeannette, just to mention a few. Depression Glass was generally produced as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The cheerful colors and intricate patterns disguise many flaws. This pretty glass brightened up innumerable homes during a difficult time and is now collected for it's beauty and it's history. Production dates on this page are from The Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass and  Collectible Glassware from the 40s 50s 60s, both by Gene Florence. Collectible glass from the 1950s and newer can be found by using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Examples of Depression Glass Patterns
jpg image Moderntone, White  Made by Hazel Atlas Glass Company 1934-1942 and Late 1940's - Early 1950s. In undecorated white Monax-type glass (like translucent milk glass), these art deco dishes go with any decor. Fiery opalescence can be seen at the edges when light goes through these dishes. The photo shows a small cone-shaped tumbler. It measures a little over 4" tall, and about 3"across the top. When it was filled with water all the way to the rim - it was just about overflowing - it held a little bit under 5.5 ounces. This pattern can be found in other colors.
jpg image Petalware, Monax  Made by MacBeth Evans Glass Company 1930-1940. This pretty cup and saucer is made of opaque white glass that has fiery opalescent highlights when touched by light. The glass is quite delicate, and is almost see-through at the edge of the saucer. Monax Petalware may be plain or decorated. This pattern can be found in other colors.
depression glass Queen Mary, Crystal  Made by Anchor Hocking Glass Company 1936-1949. This pretty art deco glass has a mirror-like shine. It looks great with the Manhattan pattern!

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Sandwich Glass Sandwich Glass  by Anchor Hocking, Indiana, and Duncan Miller is on the  Sandwich Glass page.
depression glass Waterford / Waffle  Made by Hocking Glass Company 1938 - 1944. Clear Waffle is the easiest color to find. The cup shown is made of transparent pink glass. It is about 3-3/4" across and 2-1/4" tall.

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