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Cape Cod Elegant Glass
Made by Imperial Glass Company

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Imperial Glass Company  made the Cape Cod pattern from 1932 to 1984. Cape Cod is a lovely pattern, combining rings of diamond-hobnails (like English Hobnail and Miss America patterns) with large open diamonds and thumbprints. Due to the many facets reflecting light, Cape Cod is a very sparkly pattern.

Cape Cod displays well with the English Hobnail and Miss America patterns. The goblets are shaped much like English Hobnail goblets, with a very similar square foot. And although the bowls of the goblets are a different shape than Miss America goblets, the stems and feet are very similar. The band of hobnails around the top accents both patterns very nicely.

Capacity measurements are filled to the rim. Cape Cod was made in clear or crystal glass and a few colors. Minor variations in the shade of clear Cape Cod glass are common, and usually not bothersome. I don't have any documentation for the following, but I have been told by collectors that the clear glass may be old but hasn't been exposed to much sunshine, the glass turning purple (actually a very pale lavender) is old, and the glass turning faintly yellow is older still.

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Examples of Imperial Cape Cod Glass
Imperial Cape Cod Stem Oyster or Fruit Cocktail  Each of these small cocktails holds 4 ounces when filled to the rim. They are 3-5/8" tall and the tops are about 3" across. They have a "diamond ball" stem.
Cape Cod Sherbet Cape Cod Footed Sherbet  These footed sherbet dishes measure 3-1/4" tall and the top is 3-3/4" across. Each sherbet has a "wafer" stem. Sherbets can also be found with the "diamond ball" stem.
Cape Cod Stem 5-ounce Cocktail Stems or Tall Sherbets  Each of these lovely goblets holds 5 ounces when filled to the rim. They are 4-5/8" tall and the tops are about 3-1/8" across. They have a "diamond ball" stem.
Cape Cod Goblet Cape Cod 8-ounce Water Goblet  This pretty goblet is 5-1/4" tall and the top is 3" across. The goblet has a "wafer" stem.
Cape Cod Goblet Cape Cod 9-ounce Water Goblet  Each of these pretty goblets holds 9 ounces when filled to the rim. Each goblet is 5-1/2" tall and the top is 3-1/4" across. The goblets have a "diamond ball" stem.
Cape Cod Plate Cape Cod 6-5/8" Plate  This little plate measures 6-5/8" across. It has a tiny foot on the bottom, so the plate is about 1/2" tall at the rim.
Cape Cod Spider Bowl Cape Cod Handled "Spider" Bowl  This little bowl measures 8" from the edge of the bowl to the end of the handle, and the bowl part is 5-5/8" across. It is 1-3/4" tall.
. More Imperial Cape Cod Bowls 

Cape Cod Round Bowl        Cape Cod Round Bowl        Cape Cod Oval Bowl        Cape Cod Serving Bowl        Cape Cod Console Bowl       

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