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Restaurant China

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Restaurantware  also known as hotel china or institutional ware, is a fun collectible. It was made to be durable, so it is great to use. It comes in many designs, some of them very creative. Restaurant china can be collected by the item (just cups or just plates for example), by the pattern, by the manufacturer, or even by color. Because of what it is, most restaurant dishes show moderate to heavy wear, but because of it's durability, it is rarely chipped or cracked.

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Restaurant china is heavy, but we will do our best to keep shipping costs as reasonable as possible.
Shipping several items in one box is usually more economical than shipping one at a time.
We will be happy to email postage quotes on one item or multiple items upon request.

Items are priced "each" unless noted otherwise. All inventory is listed online, so be sure to check back for updates.
(If it's not listed here, we don't have it).

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Hall Restaurant China
jpg image Hall China Sample Saucers with Manufacturer Stickers  These saucers appear to have been used as samples by a Hall China salesperson. All three saucers have blue and white paper stickers with Stock Number, Item, and Color. The two small saucers measure 5-1/2" across and the large saucer measures 7" across. They are made of heavy restaurant china. US postage will likely be in the $8.00-$10.00 range. One large and two small saucers available. All three saucers are in excellent condition.....$7.00 all three saucers (priced as a set)

Homer Laughlin Restaurant China
jpg image Homer Laughlin Green Striped Cup with Manufacturer Sticker White restaurant china with two green stripes near the rim and another green stripe lower on the cup. (The color of the green stripe is very close to the same color that was used on US Forest Service china, however, this item is not marked Forest Service.) The cup measures 2-1/4" tall and is about 3-7/8" across the top. On the bottom is a white paper sticker with a stock number and other information. The cup is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks, and only a few very light scratches. One available.....$4.50 **Sold**
saucer Homer Laughlin Leaves Saucers   Homer Laughlin best china, probably a stock pattern. Has gently curved rust lines and gray leaves with rust colored veins. 3 saucers with cup rings, 5-1/2" across. Normal shallow scratches.....$2.00 each or all three for $4.00

Mayer Restaurant China
jpg image Mayan Ware Saucers These saucers have a tan body with black, rust, and orange stripes around the rim. Each saucer is 6-1/8" across, and all have cup rings. The backstamp says "Mayan Ware - Mayer China - Est. 1881", and probably dates the saucers to the 1930's - early 1940's. There are some scratches and wear, but no chips or cracks. Four saucers available..... $6.00 set of four 
jpg image Mayer BGSU Cup White restaurant china with a light brown band near the rim. On the front is a logo that says "BGSU Union" and below that "welcome". The cup is about 2-1/4" tall and about 3-7/8" across the top. The backstamp reads Mayer China Beaver Falls, PA U.S.A. 367, indicating a manufacturing date of 1967. This cup is in very good condition. There are no chips or cracks. There is some light wear. One available.....$8.50

Military Related Dinnerware by various manufacturers
jpg image Acey Ducey Club Cup  This cup is made of heavy white restaurant grade china with burgundy airbrushing and a dark blue topmark. I have been told that it is from a club for First and Second-Class Petty officers. The cup is about 3" tall and a little less than 3-1/2" across the top. It has a Wallace China backstamp. (The Wallace China plant closed in 1964.) This cup is in very good condition. There are no chips or cracks. There is some light wear. One available.....$10.00
jpg image Army Medical Mug by Homer Laughlin  This heavy mug measures about 3-1/2" tall and the top is about 3-1/2" across. It has the burgundy United States Army Medical Department symbol on the front with no lettering. There is a single burgundy stripe around the rim. It has a Homer Laughlin HLC molded mark on the bottom. The mug has very light wear, but no chips, nicks, or cracks. One available.....$12.50 each **Sold**

Shenango China
jpg image Shenango Display Sample Cup  This cup is white with gold bands around the top and bottom and a gold accent on the handle. On the bottom is a triangular sticker that says "Shenango China New Castle, Penna DISPLAY SAMPLE". Handwritten on the tag on the Item line is "tea cup" and on the Pattern line is "El Dorado". The sticker comes on up on one side when gently lifted to reveal a date code of B-29 (1971.) One cup available in excellent condition....$2.00
jpg image Shenango Green Striped Cup  White restaurant china with one green stripe near the rim and a thinner green stripe lower on the cup. (The color of the green stripe is very close to the same color that was used on US Forest Service china, however, this item is not marked Forest Service.) The cup measures 2-3/8" tall and is about 3-3/4" across the top. The green backstamp is the Indian mark that Shenango used circa 1920s - 1950s. The cup is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks. It does have some speckles in the glaze and a few light scratches. One available.....$4.50 **Sold**

Syracuse China
jpg image Syracuse China Yellow Spirals What a fun modern pattern! White restaurant china with mustard-yellow spirals. Four matching pieces available - one 6-1/4" bread plate and three 5-3/4" saucers with cup rings. There are three different backstamps, with date codes of 89, 91-C, and 4-NN, indicating 1959-1962. A few minor scratches and scuffs, but no chips or cracks...... $6.00 all four pieces (priced as a set)
jpg image Syracuse China Woodgrain 7-1/4" Plates  These three plates are made of tan restaurant china that was handpainted to look like woodgrain. They are a little larger than the plate standing up in the photo. (The photo is not of these plates, but the shape and pattern are the same.) They are probably salad plates; each plate measures about 7-1/4" across. They are backstamped "Syracuse China Econo-rim, Trade Mark Patented." The date codes are 10-V (1941) and 1BB (1947). The plates will weigh about five pounds when packed for safe shipping.....$14.50 all three plates (priced as a set) **Sold**
jpg image Purdue University Cup by Syracuse China White restaurant china with narrow black and gold bands near the rim. On the front is a logo with the letters P and U and a bell cart. The cup is about 2-1/4" tall and about 3-3/4" across the top. The backstamp is "O.P. SYRACUSE CHINA 7-W", which I believe indicates a manufacturing date of 1942. This cup is in very good condition. There are a couple of very tiny, pinhead-sized nicks on the bottom of the cup, but no other chips and no cracks. There is some very light wear. One available.....$12.00

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